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Mult 4X3

A versatile Passive Multiple Module

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  • Some assembly required — ARP ODYSSEY FS Kit
    Korg my favorite (of many favorites) electronic music company is trying to ruin my life — again! Obviously Korg is in business just to turn out divorce-ware aimed at wrecking my life. Is not enough for them that I have a great many of their … Read more
  • Strange Logic
    Or: how I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Ableton LIVE This long time Apple user has written off Logic Pro X. If you are reading this you probably know that Logic Pro has been Apple’s flagship DAW since they acquired eMagic in the early … Read more
  • The very Nifty: Nifty Bundle From CRE8Audio
    Nifty Indeed The CRE8Audio Nifty Bundle is small, versatile, easily portable bundle at a very reasonable price. At 267.99 (as of this writing) it is —as far as I know— the cheapest first step one can take into the magical mystical world of eurorack modular … Read more
  • ARP 2600 :: back from the dead
    1977 may be the best year for movies of the late 20th century. Here are just a few: Star Wars (episodes names came much later), Annie Hall, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Saturday Night Fever (the movie that gave us Fran Dresher — yes … Read more
  • #NetNeutrality
    Join the fight to keep the internet free!