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Some assembly required — ARP ODYSSEY FS Kit

Korg my favorite (of many favorites) electronic music company is trying to ruin my life — again!

Obviously Korg is in business just to turn out divorce-ware aimed at wrecking my life. Is not enough for them that I have a great many of their products. Including an SQ-64 Sequencer, an M1r, the original Wavestation AD, a MONOPOLY that was lost to a hurricane —25 years on I’m still morning it; and last but not least, the first synth I’ve ever bought an EX800.

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Strange Logic

1176 and LA2A

Or: how I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Ableton LIVE

This long time Apple user has written off Logic Pro X.

If you are reading this you probably know that Logic Pro has been Apple’s flagship DAW since they acquired eMagic in the early aughts and then kept the software and quickly killed the hardware. I’m still using my 2 long suffering end-of-life Unitors 8 but that is a story for a different day.

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ARP 2600 :: back from the dead

ARP 2600

1977 may be the best year for movies of the late 20th century. Here are just a few: Star Wars (episodes names came much later), Annie Hall, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Saturday Night Fever (the movie that gave us Fran Dresher — yes look it up), Smokey and the Bandit, A Bridge Too Far, The Spy Who loved Me, The Deep, The Exorcist II, Orca (who knew one could be scared by a 70’s movie with Bo Derek), Airport 77; I could go on but you are all bored by now.

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An Arp Odyssey — New in original box.

An Arp Odyssey – New in original box. Until very recently the only place you could have read this headline is eBay. And in the very unlikely event that you have come across such a listing, one would be expected to pay 9 million dollars and your first male heir. However now a small company from Japan has decided that is a good idea to have another go at it.

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Diy Synth Choices — The Final Three

I love analog synthesisers. I’ve always have. In fact one of the main reasons Vox Robot started was as a good excuse to build, tinker, and play with a few of the little beasties. As luck would have it analog synthesizers are having a bit of a renaissance. Is ridiculous to think that we have at least an order of magnitude more choice in absolutely every facet of building a big modular than the hip kids of the 60 and 70’s. Continue reading Diy Synth Choices — The Final Three