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The very Nifty: Nifty Bundle From CRE8Audio

Nifty Indeed

The CRE8Audio Nifty Bundle is small, versatile, easily portable bundle at a very reasonable price. At 267.99 (as of this writing) it is —as far as I know— the cheapest first step one can take into the magical mystical world of eurorack modular synthesis.

As it comes out of the box the little system that could, packs quite a bit into the small frame. Out of the box it has plenty of power, a summing mixer, and a basic but well appointed midi interface. The case alone is worth the price of admission.

But wait included are 2 basic but capable modules that are good foundational blocks to build upon. Much of the charm of modular is experimenting with the embarrassment of riches that exist in the strong and thriving eurorack ecosystem.

Now having said that — the Nifty Bundle — as nifty as it is still needs a few more modules to complete a traditional substractive voice. An envelope, amplifier, and filter will go a long way to complete a well tempered (sorry couldn’t make the Bach alliteration work) synthesizer.

Good and not so good

The Good Not So Good
Versatile modules included Wall wart power supply (understandable at the price)
Plenty of power and sockets in the fly bus The case could use a standoff
to tilt it up
Very capable MIDI interface (USB & Din)  
2 into 1 summing mix and  
A few patch cables to get you started  

Minor niggles aside the Nifty Bundle from CRE8Audio is a great value and a terrific departure point for your journey down the eurorack rabbit hole.