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Of driving dogs and broken windows. Oh BMW.

Broken BMW window got you down?

If you are reading this, a window or windows of your car have disappeared into the door of your car never to be seen again. You heard one single clunk as the window was going up (usually) and the next time it slid down was the last time you saw it. Then you call the friendly BMW dealer who quoted you a rather unfriendly princely sum to keep the rain and snow out of your car. Usually what breaks is a 40 dollar bit of plastic that BMW calls a “driving dog”. Don’t ask they are German.

The fix is relative simple, if a bit fiddly and knuckle scrapely. Arm yourself, a T27 screwdriver, and a trim removal tool, so on a warm day it takes about half an hour and some scraped knuckle to replace.

Here is the part :

The front doors have airbags — don’t forget to disconnect the battery or you’ll have a rather rude reminder.